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The Short Story

Mike Shisler is an artist and architect specializing in creating art of the natural and built environment. Working under the name Drawn There, his paintings and drawings are heavily influenced by years of travel and adventure. Over the past decade, he has spent 6 years traveling around the United States in a converted campervan while creating thousands of plein air paintings. Twice, he has biked 3,000 miles, solo across the country while creating a painting a day to record the adventure in ink and watercolor sketches.

Now at home in Southern California he borrows from these experiences and his architectural background to create work that inspires us to expand beyond our horizons. His latest area of exploration have been large scale abstract compositions of bright saturated washes.  In addition to his own practice, Mike partners with several outdoor brands, agencies, and publications to create a wide variety of work. His work has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, PCOM Digest, Voyager Magazine, Kinute Magazine, ROVA Magazine, and countless local publications.

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