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Image by Patrick Hendry

The Art of Bikepacking
The Continental Divide

"Thank you for your support to make this project a reality - art and storytelling against the backdrop of one badass adventure."
- Mike Shisler




On May 29, 2024 I will strap camping gear, art supplies and a few day's worth of food onto my steel frame gravel bike. After that, I'll be dropped off at the Mexico border crossing at Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

Gear Page.png



Over the next four to six weeks I will bike 3,000 miles North along a loosely defined route of gravel roads known as the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) as I make my way to Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Riding from sunrise to sunset, I plan to cover roughly 70 to 100 miles per day before setting up my tent each night.

Overall Map.jpg



I will carry a sketchbook and watercolor palette to make one or two plein air paintings each day. Each painting takes about an hour to complete and will ultimately be featured in a book titled "The Art of Bikepacking : The Continental Divide".


Your Support

Pre-ordering a copy of the book will directly fund this project and allow me to bring you beautifully illustrated stories, insightful essays, and tales from an epic bikepacking adventure.

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